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Mobile payments are here to stay

Mobile payments are in their infancy but the industry is set to explode


Apple versus PayPal the battle for online payments

Will Apple overtake PayPal in online payments?


Canada Bank open to bitcoin possibilities. Pointers for the the rest of the world.

Bank of Montreal branch


I received a PayPal payment and what I saw TERRIFIED ME BEYOND WORDS!!!!

Today was one of those regular work days for me, I had my morning coffee, checked my emails, and there it was.


A question you need to ask yourself sooner than later:


Bitcoin website Mt. Gox vanishes from web: Tokyo offices empty, staff gone

Several months ago I wrote an article explaining that one of the top considerations in selecting an online payment system or online wallet is to make sure the company is a fully registered money remitter, ideally in a first-class banking regime country like Canada, the US or in Europe.


How to commit fraud on a large scale using PayPal and get away with it.

The following incident is presented here to highlight the shortcomings not only with the world’s largest online payment system, but also with the police and the general malaise that is all too common in this world we live in. The names of the people and businesses mentioned in this article have been changed to protect their privacy, but this really happened.


WARNING: Check Gateway of Phoenix Arizona is a deadbeat ACH processor

BEWARE: If you are looking for ACH payment processing services in the US, and are considering using the services of Phoenix, AZ based Check Gateway, watch this video, and then make your decision. In my personal experience, this company is downright dishonest and you should avoid all dealings with them.


Increased legitimacy for bitcoin payments

The time has come for me to eat my words regarding bitcoins. In earlier posts I voiced my concerns and reservations about bitcoins, but during the past several months, bitcoins have made significant inroads with increased media mentions and some new developments that can give users increased security, as I shall explain.

0 by Visa is 10 years too late and gets an F for failure

From what seems like the past decade, the envious and lethargic credit card companies have been hinting that they would be entering the online payment space by providing their own service to compete with PayPal.


Credit card options for your website payments

Many of your customers will want to use their credit cards to pay for their online purchases, and as a new online merchant, you will have to decide which credit card payment method makes the most sense.


Balancing the fight for the passenger against airline ticket fraud

Low Cost Carrier logosThe airline industry has seen a significant market shift from focusing on the high yield business traveller in the 1990s, to the predominating low cost carrier business model of today.


Online payment options for non-Chinese businesses selling in China

If your online business is courting customers residing in Mainland China, you might be interested to learn which online payment options are available to you to serve this rapidly growing market.


Top consideration when selecting a new online payment service

As an online business owner, you want to offer your customers a variety of payment options, and the more payment options you can offer, the better.

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