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A question you need to ask yourself sooner than later:


Bitcoin website Mt. Gox vanishes from web: Tokyo offices empty, staff gone

Several months ago I wrote an article explaining that one of the top considerations in selecting an online payment system or online wallet is to make sure the company is a fully registered money remitter, ideally in a first-class banking regime country like Canada, the US or in Europe.


Increased legitimacy for bitcoin payments

The time has come for me to eat my words regarding bitcoins. In earlier posts I voiced my concerns and reservations about bitcoins, but during the past several months, bitcoins have made significant inroads with increased media mentions and some new developments that can give users increased security, as I shall explain.


Bitcoin – Endorsed by WordPress but is it good enough for your business?

On November 16, 2012, blog publishing service WordPress announced they will accept bitcoin as a payment method for service upgrades.

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