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Canada Bank open to bitcoin possibilities. Pointers for the the rest of the world.

Bank of Montreal branch


How to commit fraud on a large scale using PayPal and get away with it.

The following incident is presented here to highlight the shortcomings not only with the world’s largest online payment system, but also with the police and the general malaise that is all too common in this world we live in. The names of the people and businesses mentioned in this article have been changed to protect their privacy, but this really happened.


WARNING: Check Gateway of Phoenix Arizona is a deadbeat ACH processor

BEWARE: If you are looking for ACH payment processing services in the US, and are considering using the services of Phoenix, AZ based Check Gateway, watch this video, and then make your decision. In my personal experience, this company is downright dishonest and you should avoid all dealings with them.


Balancing the fight for the passenger against airline ticket fraud

Low Cost Carrier logosThe airline industry has seen a significant market shift from focusing on the high yield business traveller in the 1990s, to the predominating low cost carrier business model of today.

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