I received a PayPal payment and what I saw TERRIFIED ME BEYOND WORDS!!!!

Today was one of those regular work days for me, I had my morning coffee, checked my emails, and there it was.

If you’re like me you, sometimes you have to receive online payments from abroad that can amount from a few hundred dollars to several hundred dollars.

I received a payment from a business associate via PayPal. Great, he sent me $808. The PayPal email that informed me of the payment provided no other information beyond the amount of the received payment.

So I decided to dig deeper. I took the plunge and logged into my PayPal account, pulled up the payment details page, and OH MY EFFING GOD!!!!!! I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES!!!!!

UN! FRIKKING! Believable!!!!!! PayPal made thirty one dollars and eighty two cents in commission on that payment.

It reminds me of the DEFINITION of INSANITY!!! I need to stop it. DOING THE SAME CRAZY THING over and over AGIN!!!!



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