Business Owners

As a business owner, the ever increasing complexity of online payments can make your foray into the world of online selling a daunting task.

With so many online payment systems out there, from the large established players to the small upstarts, each offering a different spin on the basic service and facilitating payments from your customers, business owners like you might like some guidance and advise.

Choosing the best online payment system for your business won’t be a straight forward, cut and dry decision.

You’ll need to understand the various options, the pros and cons of each service, and ultimately decide with payment system or systems will put your business ahead of the competition, by boosting your online sales, and maximizing your revenues. And for this very reason I created this website.

Our goal is to create unique content the relates to the ever changing world of online payments. We are working on a book titled “Online Payments For Business Owners: The Inside Scoop on How to Maximize Sales and Profits for your online Venture” which we look forward to announcing soon.

Welcome to the site, and we encourage you to connect, ask questions, provide feedback and share your expertise and advise.

Henry Tenby

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