Vehicle Advertising, Free Car, Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Perhaps you have heard the terms such as Vehicle Advertising, Free Car, Vehicle Wrap Advertising, Vehicle Wraps and Advertising, Mobile Billboard Advertising, On Vehicle Advertising.

Do you have hopes of getting a Free Car or Free Vehicle by getting paid by advertisers to place ads on your vehicle? Would you like to get paid to drive with ads on your car? Well, here is your wake up call... this business model does not exist!

For the most part this business is non-existent. The paid to drive business model does not work except in a very few select markets in the United States, such as Las Vegas where taxis are paid to carry advertising of Las Vegas Shows and Las Vegas Hotels on their vehicles.

There is no proven market in the Unted States where private vehicle owners are paid by advertisers to carry advertising on their vehicles. This business model plain and simply DOES NOT EXIST!!!

NEVER PAY ANY WEBSITE ANY MONEY TO REGISTER to be included in their database of potential ad cars. THIS IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR MONEY!!!

If a Vehicle Advertising website is FREE to register your vehicle, then you have nothing to loose. But NEVER PAY TO REGISTER YOUR VEHICLE!!


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